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Swan Lake PJs

SGD 12.00SGD 35.00

Dear little one, have you heard of the story about an ugly little duckling turns to become a beautiful swan? Well, we hope you can learn the lesson that the journey that might be rocky but you will rise and shine. Just stay true to yourself, you are uniquely you : ) Yes, we love this set of PJs so much. It's singing a beautiful song and telling a wonderful story. Who's with us : ) Did you know that A+O start with a set of PJs from Kokacharm? PJs has been really close to our heart as we believe quality sleep makes a happy child the next day. Thus, we have been eyeing quality PJs for the longest time. Kokacharm is a MUST-HAVE premium quality PJs brand from Korea that we hope to bring in and introduce to you : ) You have to try it to believe it yourself! Trust us, you will love it. Brand: Kokacharm Materials: 95% cotton, 5% spandex Made in Korea and Imported directly

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